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A podcast combining transformation, science, and mindfulness.


Welcome to Chicken Mind Nuggets. The bi-weekly micro-podcast combining mindfulness, transformation, and science as food for thought throughout your day. My name is Wifey. This podcast started as an idea to share some of the concepts that I love to talk about in hopes that you can take away some mind nuggets for your mental repertoire. Each episode is designed to be under 10 minutes so you can listen to them and digest it throughout your day. This show is not about creating a division of any set of ideas, instead, it is about exploring less than average traveled avenues of the mind. The show is not religious or biased towards anyone's center of belief but combines multiple concepts of various life schools with scientific studies and articles along with personal experience to make an all-inclusive perspective that is open to interpretation. The best way to enjoy this show is with an open mind and a curiosity for learning about connections that can help you live your best life.

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